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Analyze It! v2.0

With AnalyzeIt you can inspect any file to find extra information about it. You can discover the real file type [based on the content of the file] and fully detailed extension information: Program and/or extension function, File classification, MIME type, specific characters, Program ID, General notes and the company [+link] of the software used to create that type of file 

There is a special section for information about analyzed executables: ImageBase, EntryPoint, CheckSum, Import and Export table, PE Directories [Resource, Exceptions, Reloc, Debug Datas, Description, Global PTR, TLS table, Local Config, Bound Import] and PE Sections with specific info: Name, RVA-Relative Virtual Address, Virtual Size, RAW Offset-File offset, RAW Size, Characteristics.
It can also detect what packer/cryptor/compressor/compiler processed the executable.
There is also a function to detect the OEP [Original Entry Point]

Size (archived)
1.27 MB

Shocker: Few settings and shell integration, should be automatically generated on first launch if not present

Phil: OK, thank you but it writes some settings to the registry @ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ShockingSoft\Analyze It!

Are these trivial?

Shocker: You could simply install it and copy the .exe file, it's portable

phil: Thanks for developing Analyze It! Could you offer a portable version for download too?

Szime: Amazing and incredibly useful software! Thank you!

bryan: I love it. it helped me figure my files out after a hard drive crash... One suggestion... BULK analysis....

gedas: nezinau

HHM: I love it!!

poli2008: csdos

Husnain: this software is good i like that version 2.0 Analyze It! v2.0 its good thats why i want to install it that why i want this oftware

Husnain: this software is good i like that version

Husnain: i want this this is comment like it our not

ken: i want to know how i can hack a password from a yahoo messenger who i want to

Cosmin: AnalyzeIt is a great freeware tool that will analyze any file and provide you with useful information about that file, such as the real file type, the MIME type, the OEP, etc. -