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WinXP-Tweaker v1.5 has over 300 tweaks and some uttilities you can use to fine-tune(cusomize)
Windows XP Professional (some of them are compatible with Windows 2000)

03/09/2008 update: WinXP-Tweaker is now freeware, you can use the following name and serial to make it fully functional:
Key: 964696DB1EA71E937BD87BF600250032

Size (archived)
1.46 MB

Pestan: When will you realese a version for vista?

yokomo: i see many tweaks in this tool. hope this work with no bug. thanks for tool

Shocker: Some options may work on Vista, but it is not recommended. New versions... don't know, I don't have that much free time unfortunately

Disturbed: Hey Shocker, this used to be a very good tweaker. Can we get a new version of it? :)
Does it work on Vista, btw?

Shocker: Joan, this is a very outdated software, it will probably won't work with SP2/SP3

Joan Gallagher: I wished that this program could have worked on my pc with XP and Service Pack 3 but I kept getting errors and it told me my build wasn't right.